Our Mission

Encounter, Heal, Equip, Send

Our Vision

Rooted in Faith, Growing in Service, One Step at a time.

What We Believe

Being a United Methodist congregation, LUMC adheres to traditional Christian teachings in regards to the Trinity, the resurrection, the inspiration of Scripture, and salvation by faith.

Whereas many churches are only interested in “getting you saved,” the United Methodist Church believes that surrendering your life to Christ and accepting him as Lord and Savior is only the beginning of the Christian life. We rejoice when individuals receive the assurance of salvation and begin to grow in the knowledge of and love for God. This is a lifelong process known as sanctification, and it is the hallmark of Methodist theology.

We believe that God has a plan for your life and that you are saved for a purpose. To help you live out this purpose, United Methodists participate in both works of mercy and works of piety. Works of mercy usually involve serving our neighbor in physical ways, whereas works of piety nurture both the community and the individual spiritually. LUMC offers multiple ministry opportunities to engage in works of both mercy and piety, such as our food pantry, emergency fund, Bible studies, and prayer group.

Lastly, the United Methodist Church is a sacramental church. We celebrate two sacraments, Baptism and Holy Communion.

What to Expect

Although LUMC leans to the right of the liberal-conservative theological spectrum we have members of and welcome individuals from all walks of life.

LUMC prides itself on being a multi-generational church.  When you come you can expect to hear traditional hymns played alongside more contemporary favorites.

Our preaching style is passionate and utilizes relevant, real world illustrations that both challenge and inspire.  Our worship services use multi-media and are simultaneously broadcast live to the parking lot by radio – tune to FM92.3 – and Facebook and YouTube. Dress is anywhere from jeans to business casual to a suit and tie.  All are welcome.

LUMC is a busy place.  You usually find the parking lot full nearly every day and evening of the week with various ministries and other community activities.  LUMC prides itself on being a church in the community that exists for the community.

Our Staff

Rev. Frankie A. Revell


Kathy Swanson

Administrative Assistant

Carrie McKenzie


Keith Phillips

Maintenance Tech