Our Sunday Schedule

9:30 a.m. First Sunday – Community Breakfast
Every Sunday – Cereal+ for the kids
9:30-10:20 Sunday School for all ages
Participate in local mission once a month
10:30 Worship in-person and live-streamed

stream throughout the building
tune in from the parking lot @ 92.3FM

**Pre-K and Infant care available during Sunday School**
**Toddler care available during worship**

**Nursery is fully stocked and connected for parents during worship**

Join us Online

Sunday School and Worship available online

Sunday School registration gives access to online family connections

Worship live on Facebook, YouTube or Watch Online tab

**Don’t miss us on Radio WCBC 103.1FM / 1270AM at 9 a.m. Sunday**

What to Expect

We believe that church is a place to learn, grow, and worship as a family. We strive to create an environment where those who are non-religious might learn and grow together with life-long christians. Skeptics and those who ask difficult and unpopular questions are welcomed, as well as those who have long ago committed themselves to Christ. You will quickly find that there is no dress code–just be yourself, we will accept you as you are, no matter what that looks like.

We are not “left” or “right”. We embrace nuance in all things. We believe in unity over uniformity, and we encourage all to be authentic before the Lord our God. We believe that church is not just a place to receive needed encouragement, but also a place to be challenged to grow. We believe that God brings transformation and growth and we think of this congregation as a seedbed that encourages that process.

Worship leans heavily in the “traditional” direction utilizing mostly piano and organ. But occasionally music selections also feature guitars, percussion, and vocalists. Our sermons convey timeless truths from the Word of God within the relevant context of how to live today.

We are a United Methodist congregation, a part of the Cumberland-Hagerstown District and the Baltimore-Washington/Peninsula-Delaware Conference.

Meet our Pastor

Our Staff

Rev. Frankie A. Revell

Rev. Frankie A. Revell

Kathy Swanson

Kathy Swanson

Administrative Assistant
Robert Moffett

Robert Moffett

Music Minister
Andrea Andrews

Andrea Andrews

Carrie McKenzie

Carrie McKenzie

Keith Phillips

Keith Phillips

Maintenance Tech